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From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most impactful speakers in the world, Michael D. Brown continues to give visitors and clients alike the best experience possible. In fact, he’s receiving rave reviews. Check out some of the things his audience members have had to say about him and his presentations:

The WOW Experience!

"Mr. Brown prepared his lessons to suit the needs of college students. He immediately established a good rapport with the students, and their positive response to him was quite impressive. Our students commented to me that they thoroughly enjoyed his presentations. He brought a message to the students in addition to the basic lessons on corporate America. This message was one of encouragement, belief in oneself, the value of becoming a well-rounded person, and other ideas that we, as faculty, are challenged to share with our students on a daily basis."

Alabama A&M University - Dr. Larry McDaniel, Ph.D, Chair Department of Management & Marketing

"Michael Brown is a young man who is on the move! He is energetic, captivating and inspiring! He will set you on Fire!"

Willie Jolley Worldwide - Willie Jolley, Award winning speaker, Author and Singer

"You gave one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and motivating lectures that the students have ever had."

Jackson State University - Dr. JoAnn White, Professor of Business

"Thanks for giving such an inspiring and informed workshop. Everyone loved it..."

Philander Smith College - Dr. Andrew Nwanner, Chairman School Business

"Michael you were just off the hook! What a great speaker..."

Southlake Mortgage Corporation - Oilver Williford, President

"The lady next to me has been falling asleep for most of the meeting. When you started speaking she woke and listened to your whole presentation"

ARCO - Franchisee

"He has a natural flair and confidence in presentation and training."

Marriott Corporation - Henry White, General Manager

"The corporate guys from Dunkin' Donuts came to my business to see why I had the number one sales in the company. I told them that Michael Brown taught me how to motivate employees and that's why I am achieving record sales in my stores."

Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins - Chandan Sengupta, Franchisee

"I was sitting there just bored, thinking to myself this is another one of those meetings, I was falling a sleep... the meeting was going down hill...and then you stood up and I sat up in my seat, you are great..."

Murphy Oil Corporation - Lori Guethner, Store Manager

"Michael, your presentation on personal branding really got me to think about my own personal brand in a whole different way. You were very inspiring and I enjoyed the lecture. I can't wait to share with you my new brand."

University of Arkansas Pine-Bluff - LaTasha Wiley, Student

"Michael, your communication style and the way you presented the material is really outstanding and very impactful."

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania - Dr. Dayo Ade-Turton, PhD