Fresh Boost

Just laugh a little please!


Our ability to maintain a positive attitude while we are on our personal and professional journey is often the difference between achieving our desired success and falling short.

That positive attitude can be challenged on a daily basis by any number of occurrences and events. However, our commitment should be to learn from the challenges, stay positive and move on. It is not wise to allow the negative occurrences of life to consume the valuable real estate space in our head.

One of the best ways to get our positive attitude back is to just laugh off the negative occurrences and events -after we have learned the lesson(s) from the challenges. I have provided this space to provide you with a daily Fresh Boost of laughter. Check back as often as you need a good laugh, a chuckle, a stress reliever or just an escape from a serious task.

Let's boost our day with a little laughter....