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The Fresh Menu


Executive Chef, Michael D. Brown - The Mission is simple - to prepare great choices that will grow your people and grow your business. By providing all-natural, lean, wholesome, and organic solutions, we are able to achieve 100% fresh results for the individual and/or organization. These solutions become a way of life for you and your organization and not a “fad diet.” I welcome the opportunity to serve you!

~ Appetizers (Pre-Speaking Services) ~

Book Signing & Lectures

Your audience will experience a lively conversation with Michael about his revolutionary book Fresh Customer Service®. This up close and personal dialogue ends with everyone receiving a personalized autograph copy of Fresh Customer Service ®.

Media Interviews

Michael is available for print, live and online interviews about his book Fresh Customer Service®. This customer service expert and guru is a media hit and is sure to deliver content and substance that your readers and listeners will find insightful and valuable.

~ Entrées (Main speaking and training services) ~

The Keynote: Fresh Customer Service®

Customer service initiatives all recognize the significant importance of the customer experience. But too many programs focus on the “reasons why”, without providing the “concrete how” to the people who create the front line experience. Never order another boring speaker, order someone who delivers substance with engaging enthusiasm (Michael D. Brown).

The Seminar: Fresh Customer Service®

The Fresh Customer Service™ seminar is an expansion of the keynote presentation. During the seminar, the participants are deeply engaged and are taught in-depth solutions that solve the customer service problem through delivering Fresh Customer Service.

Get a Brand or Die a Generic®

This engaging session will show participants how to create a distinct logo, personal brand, and unique image. Participants will also discover how to tap their personal power to develop the skills they need to consistently deliver the WOW factor in their personal lives and their careers. This is a Motivational Hit!

The Coaching: Fresh Customer Service®

One-on-one or group sessions(s) that help you take the Fresh Customer Service program and successfully implement it into your business at an accelerated pace.

Major + Fresh Passion = Six Figures™

Through this engaging journey, Michael helps college students realize that just choosing a major is not sufficient if they desire to land a six figure job. Through the Passion Principles, Michael provides proven techniques on the do's and don'ts of college matriculation in order to land a job with six figure potential. This is not your normal presentation, as it is packed with excitement and is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

This power packed session covers: Personal brand building, Return on Investment (Personal ROI), interviewing strategies, winning resume writing, and professional development.

This session is a must have for any college students who does not want to graduate into poverty.

~ Three Course Meal (Full day Event) ~

The Training: Fresh Customer Service®

Fresh Customer Service views the front-line staff as the ultimate source of both the customer experience and the solutions to any problems that arise. It supports them in their core mission of customer satisfaction through their tasking, training, tools, recognition, and the empowerment to make-it-right. This power packed three-day training is filled with substance, executable tools and strategies, excitement, and constant engagement. If you desire to obtain the nuts of bolts of delivering a World-Class Customer Service Experience to your customers through Fresh Customer Service, this is a must have.

~ Design your own Meal ~

Quench your thirst session

Feel free to bring your thirst and quest for understanding. Michael will provide you with a free session where you can share your problems and opportunities. He will then work in collaboration with you to decide the most effective menu selection for you or customize an entrée with you or your organization.

~ Desserts (A little something extra) ~


An energized voice that is easy to listen to and is persuasive. A professional voice-over talent for your projects (commercials, narratives, advertisements and messages)

Master of Ceremonies

You have planned the perfect event, but fear that it just might not all come together at show time-order up the professional MC (Michael D. Brown).

Every menu item is served with a large portion of

This menu is excellent for Executives, Managers, Front Line Employees, Front Line Leaders, Supervisors Human Resources Professionals, Training Professionals, College Students, and College Graduates who desire to grow themselves and or their business.