Get a Brand or Die a Generic®

Get a Brand or Die a Generic®


The world is changing, especially the business world. Technology, outsourcing, in sourcing and process reengineering all are altering the landscape. At the end of the day there will be fewer people required. Those who survive this onslaught of change they must reinvent themselves (quickly) into a brand that is marketable. Michael takes the audience through a journey of what's happening and provides the tools and techniques that inspires them to meet the challenge head-on with a winning brand.

This engaging session will leave the participants with the power to create their distinct logo and image, as well as the skills they need to consistently deliver the WOW factor in their personal lives and careers. Participants will be inspired to create a more powerful and competitive brand in their personal lives and on their jobs.

This session is great for individuals or organizations who desire to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary. An audience favorite is learning how to impress in 3 seconds! Michael is often cornered after the session by participants searching for more information and the opportunity to share with him what they regard as their new-found brand.

This session is engaging, filled with content, and fun!