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The Passion of Success Program


Michael Brown's engagement programs are packed with rich practical experience, proven and timely solutions, passion, excitement, inspiration, and energy for individuals and organizations that are settling for mediocrity or who genuinely believe that they can't achieve and/or exceed their goals. Despite growing up in extreme poverty and being faced with a challenging environment, Michael was able to hold on to his PASSION, which has led to a highly successful personal life and a distinguished professional career.

He has formulated “The Passion of Success Program”, an organizational and personal development engagement experience, that provides the framework for him to share the tools, techniques, and principles that underpin his amazing success. By emphasizing the critical role of PASSION in achieving success, Michael inspires behaviors and cultural changes that foster positive results

Michael blends his wealth of technical and functional experience, acquired from working within Fortune 50 companies, with a powerful, motivating, and captivating delivery style.

With a track record of proven results, Michael has been able to drastically increase the bottom line of a number of Fortune 500 companies through motivating and inspiring their people to successfully deliver unprecedented results.

Michael does not deliver canned speeches and presentations. He takes the time to understand the organization and weave each one’s corporate and individual goals into the presentation. Groups and organizations from all over have employed his skills and expertise when they are struggling to motivate and grow their staff and bottom line.

Fresh Customer Service®

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Major + Fresh Passion = Six Figures™

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The Passion of Customer Service Success

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The Passion of Leadership Success

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