Fresh Coaching (per 1 hour via phone)

Fresh Coaching (per 1 hour via phone)
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Michael was ranked in the top 5 percent among high-performing leaders and coaches in leading Global Fortune 500 companies. He is a globally recognized authority on customer service leadership for developing this customer service strategy that delivers to the frontline and three levels up in the user’s organization. This work was later turned into the book Fresh Customer Service—Treat the employee as #1 and the customer as #2 and you will get customers for life.

Michael’s expertise in revamping how companies provide world-class customer service and establish a market-leading brand has led him to assisting individuals in creating personal brands that allow them to achieve otherwise unattainable levels of personal and professional success. He is recognized for this best-in-class coaching strategy that yields consistent results.

Michael has motivated and helped thousands of entrepreneurs, military personnel, individuals, college students, graduates, small business owners, and entrepreneurs move from a stage of generic mediocrity to an exciting place where they become successful personal brands that yields exponential personal economic and professional success. His signature work Fresh Passion: Get a Brand or Die a Generic is the catalyst for helping individuals make the transformation and achieving world-class success.