Fresh Notes on How Not to Graduate into Poverty

Fresh Notes on How Not to Graduate into Poverty
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It’s never too soon to start building your personal brand!

In today’s hyper-competitive world of business, individuals must differentiate themselves in order to stay on top—and the sooner young adults entering the workforce understand this truth, the better.

In order to land a successful career upon graduation that puts you on the path to exponential personal, professional and economic success, you must be empowered and equipped with a fresh, value-adding, and competitive personal brand with a proven track record.

Author Michael D. Brown’s Fresh Notes on How Not to Graduate Into Poverty encourages you to start building your strong and fresh brand while matriculating in college.

Using Brown’s “Fresh PASSION” methodology, this straight-to-the-point guidebook outlines the core components of brand-building—including “Staying Laser Focused” and “Omitting the Negative”—and provides valuable tips on how to successfully integrate these components into your daily life.

Brief self-assessments following each section allow you a chance to reflect on your journey towards becoming a personal brand and identify areas of improvement.

Fresh Notes helps you avoid being viewed as a “generic” by encouraging you to begin your professional life with a fresh and proactive approach!